Cookbook – Your Wellness Diary

Cookbook - Your Wellness DiaryMany of these mouth watering recipes are Paleo friendly, healthy and can be made quickly. So if you are looking to loose weight, get healthy, have something new or looking to make dishes quickly then we have some recipes for you.

The recipes are designed to be healthy and give you delicious alternatives to the boring everyday meals. Many of these recipes can be made quickly and easily. There are many Paleo friendly recipes. Many of the deserts are gluten free with tips and hints on how to cook with coconut flour and almond flour.

A quick look at a few of the delicious and healthy recipes you will find in Your Wellness Diary Cookbook. It is delivered in .pdf format and is delivered with in 5 minutes.

All these recipes are tested and created to taste great and keep your family at the table waiting for the next meal. I worked hard to create amazing mouth watering food that is easy to make. I spent years preparing and tweaking these recipes.

Paleo cooking can take a bit to get use. The Paleo friendly recipes that are in the cookbook, I added some helpful tips to make cooking Paleo easy.

I also made all these recipes with minimal equipment. You do not need a large gourmet kitchen with every gadget to make these tasty recipes. All you need is an oven and you can even have a countertop oven (yes, I made the mint chicken in such an oven), a garlic press, a blender, bowls and measuring cups. The very basics is all you need. If you have more equipment great, if not, you don’t need it.

In Your Wellness Diary Cookbook you also get the Sauce section. In this section you get great sauces, butters and rubs to make any meal go from plain to mouth watering and healthy. Take a plain chicken and turn it into an amazing meal in minutes. The sauces can be used on meats, fish, and veggies whether you cook in the oven or on a barbecue. You can even save the extra sauce in the freezer and use in a couple of weeks saving you time and not wasting anything.

If you get Your Wellness Diary Cookbook today you will also get the Herb & Spice book for free. The recipes in the cookbook use herbs and spices for great tasting meals but… Read more…